The Book



The End

Finally, after many years, I was able to recently write those words at the end of my manuscript for Free Maree. Now comes the next phase: publication.

My husband has sent my manuscript to several beta readers (test readers of an unreleased work of literature or other writing) and the feedback has been encouraging:

“This is great stuff! The pages turn themselves.”
“A fine read.”
“Very suspenseful!”
“Very comprehensive, incredible, personal story.”

Here’s an excerpt from the end of chapter three, Country Roads:

So, this would be my cell.

I could hardly believe this was happening and my head was spinning with questions.

What will they do to me? Can I get away? How long will I have to stay here? Why did this happen to me?

What would my friends, my real friends, back at the church think when I didn’t come back? They would be frantic. I needed to call them.

“Could I make a phone call?” I asked the men. “My friends will be worried.”

“No. No phone calls,” the short man growled.

I sat on the bed, shaken and numb with shock, trying to steady myself for the battle I knew was about to begin.

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